The AthletiSense® Communication Essentials program was designed to coach athletes in some of the off-the-field skills that are crucial to their success in life. The program covers a variety of topics related to both verbal and non-verbal communication such as:

  • Making first impressions count
  • Rules for “speaking the language”
  • The Artful Interview
  • Handling sensitive issues with the media
  • Tips on public speaking*
  • Making personal appearances*


Related programs focused on topics such as Crisis Management & the Media and Public Speaking are offered for coaches & athletic department administrators.  Our newest program, AthletiSense Pro ™, is offered exclusively for professional athletes.

AthletiSense® is one of a select number of media training programs recommended by the National Basketball Association League office.

AthletiSense® begins with a 60 minute seminar that includes:

  • A Video (filled with famous faces representing both good and bad examples)
  • An Interactive Power Point presentation 
    (integrated with video)

An additional (and optional) 30 minute interview role-play segment involves participants in mock interview situations. This challenges their communication skills and refines their responses to the most difficult questions they will have to address during the season.

Individualized Media Coaching is also an important part of the AthletiSense® program.  Learn more by reading about our menu of services and scheduling options!

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